Word to your Mother… Earth


Mother’s Day is just around the corner providing that one day of the year your mom can remind you about the horrors of giving birth and/or the countless sporting events she had to drive you to and from while patiently listening to you complain about “life’s most interesting issues” in the back seat. But honestly, it is important to remember, honor, and celebrate our mothers at least once a year… if not everyday of the week. And while Mother’s Day celebrates the women who raised us, it is worth being reminded of the other “mother” that shaped our lives as well, Mother Earth! Let’s face it, if we treated Mother Earth as respectfully and lovingly as we treat most of our mothers, she’d probably be a lot healthier and happier. And for better or for worse our mothers are more eager to forget and forgive our mishaps, while some of  the scars inflicted on Mother Earth may never be forgotten.

A reminder of one of those scars and its continual effect was recently published in the peer reviewed journal “Environmental Science and Technology” by Benjamin Dubansky and his colleagues. The mouthful of an article “Multitissue Molecular, Genomic, and Developmental Effects on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Resident Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis)” reminds us of the lasting effect of the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana in 2010 on the aquatic fauna. This study found significant data indicating that enduring oil residue has caused heart defects and has hindered reproduction in the small estuarine Gulf killifish. The research findings from this study have also been provided in a much more accessible form through the CNN article “Gulf oil heartbreaker for bellwether fish” by Matt Smith found here.

So on Mother’s Day make sure you call, send flowers, paint her an awesome picture, and listen enthusiastically to your mom’s stories; but also pay a little tribute to the other mother in your life!

Word to your Mother.

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