Dam It!


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Breaking News! Dams might be bad for biodiversity!!

A recent article on NBC News warns about the environmental dangers of damming rivers. The article states that two new scientific studies warn that “dams, if not properly planned, could lead to a long-term bust for the communities and wildlife around them.”

It’s a little scary that it is not common knowledge that dams can have negative effects on biodiversity. This article provides the research from two new scientific studies about the harms dams may present to biodiversity, but there is nothing new about this information. In fact, scientists have been publishing the results of biodiversity loss due to damming rivers dating back to the 70s and early 80s.

Although this research and these results are nothing new, this NBC article does a great job of bringing the issue back into the limelight. An estimated 3,700 large hydroelectric dams are being built or are expected to begin construction soon around the world. The majority of these dams are being built in developing countries that are in need of renewable energy sources. What this article does well is ask the question: Do the benefits of the dams outweigh the losses to biodiversity? The conclusion, No!

Although this should not be breaking news, it is important to remind ourselves of the ill effects dams can have on the environment.  So Damn It, how about we stop damming it… or at least plan the dam with the environment in mind. Dam(n)!

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