For the Love of Oregon Lakes

Last week the lab hit the road for the Oregon Lakes Association Annual Meeting in Florence, OR.

The Oregon Lakes Association is an organization that connects scientists, managers, and lake enthusiasts alike, and the annual meeting is a place for members to share and exchange information, ideas, and projects. This year, there were talks ranging from folks at watershed councils, to USGS, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Willamette Riverkeeper, PSU and OSU. The Plenary speakers were Alison Aldous from the Nature Conservancy, who talked about the important relationship between groundwater and lakes at different scales, and Doug Larson, who presented aerial photos from throughout his career to tell the story of land use change and human influence on lakes.

PSU had strong representation at this year’s meeting. From the Strecker Lab, PhD student Crysta Gantz presented a poster about her research on eDNA and PhD student Ariana Chiapella gave a talk about her research on mountain lakes. PhD student Laura Costadone from the Sytsma Lab also presented a poster about her research on urban lakes. The meeting was a nice opportunity for students and scientists alike to network and exchange ideas, as well as see the many projects that are happening around the region.

In addition to its annual meetings, the OLA has been an important source of financial support for multiple students in the Aquatic Ecology Lab, as well as other students studying lakes in the Pacific Northwest. OLA also works closely with Center for Lakes and Reservoirs at PSU for the Oregon Lake Watch, a citizen-science program that provides an important data-collection resource for scientists. If you love lakes, and are interested in participating in the Lake Watch program, follow the link above!

ArianaAngelaMissyplus our2030winner.jpg

PhD student Ariana Chiapella (2016 OLA scholarship winner), Dr. Angela Strecker, and OSU PhD student Christina Murphy (2017 OLA scholarship winner)


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